ART Swap PHX is a DIY creative art lab event where creatives and non-creatives alike come together to make something out of nothing from found, recycled and reused objects.

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►What is it?
A co-opportunity to come together, get silly, have fun and create a piece of art! We have painting, jewelry making, drawing, mosaics, beading, tie-dying, murals and more!!

Not to mention music, snacks, and a shake/tea bar!

►Who’s invited?
Come as you are regardless of your art experience! If you have always wanted to create something but never felt creative, this is for you. If you are an artistic spirit and a paint party is just what you’ve been waiting for, this is for you. If you’re just interested in meeting cool, open-minded people and are looking for a unique collaborative way to do so, this event is for you too.

► How does it work?
The idea behind CO-OP’s (cooperatives) is sharing, so please bring something you have to share/swap- the possibilities are endless; some examples include:

[spray paints, or even old house paint that you have in your closet, brushes, old/broken jewelry, bottle caps, corks, tape, glue, wood, canvases, boards, frames, glass bottles, jars, tarps, wire, tiles or mosaics, puzzle pieces, crayons, pencils, drawing/sketch paper, markers, magazines, tie-dye ink, buckets, white shirts, fabric markers, vases, cool rocks, yarn, etc.]

|”The creative adult is the child who has survived.”|

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