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  • Jackalope Ranch + Phoenix New Times on Spring Swap by Claire Lawton:

    “If you could use a few new looks this spring and are a fan of styles seen at local boutiquesGROWopAnnie Boomer Vintage, or Cellar Door Vintage on Roosevelt Row, it’s time to run to your closet, pick 10 things you’d like to pitch, and take notes.

    From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, April 21, Kelsey Wong and Karla Rasmusson of networking organization CO-OPhx will take over the front lawns of GROWOp, Annie Boomer Vintage, and Cellar Door Vintage on Garfield and Sixth streets with hundreds of used clothes items up for swap.”


  • Downtown Phoenix Journal on Spring Swap PHX:

    CO-OPhx Hosts Spring Clothing Swap to Renew Wardrobes and Spirit in Phoenix Community.

    Five Swaps, 500 Swappers and 2000 pounds of donated items.

    Spring is the perfect time for renewal and CO-OPhx is hosting their fifth clothing swap and clothing drive to renew guests’ wardrobes and spirit in the community.

  • Phoenix Style Collective blog on Spring Swap PHX:

    Officially launched in January 2012, we at the Phoenix Style Collective aim to be the link between the tastemakers of Arizona’s fashion and style business. By hosting consistent networking events, elevated fashion shows, blogger conferences, and workshops we hope to partner with the movers and shakers and get people talking. As Phoenicians, we are lucky live in an incredible city full of culture, art, and talent and we want to take it to the next level. The PSC will not only help artists build their own portfolios, push businesses to utilize local resources, but overall gain Phoenix some well deserved street cred in the industry.

  • Frances & Smeeks blog on Spring Swap PHX:

    “it’s officially time to switch out our winter wears for summer shorts and enjoy a new season. The clothing swap is just around the corner and I’m reading for an excuse to freshen up my wardrobe.”

  • Local First Arizona blog on Spring Swap PHX by Chrisal Valencia:

    “Local clothing swap links fashion with community. If you’ve ever wondered how to localize your wardrobe, the CO-OPhx Clothing Swap is an event that provides just the opportunity to do so. But it doesn’t stop there. Add to the equation event organizers that have a passion for sustainability, community engagement, and creativity–and a simple fashion event becomes something greater with meaning and connection behind it.”

  • Couture in the Suburbs blog on Spring Swap PHX by Cassie Goers:

    “Something old, something new; either way clothes are clothes, and we love ‘em, but who doesn’t right? And what better way to spend a Sunday then to go to a clothing swap put on by the fabulous CO-OPhx, where cute spring fashion is everywhere you look. Dresses, shorts, tanks, shoes, accessories, you name it, it’ll be at clothing swap!”

  • Phoenix Fashion Week blog on Spring Swap PHX and other springtime events in April:

    “Spring has sprung and so has your social calendar, thanks to this month’s edition of our ‘Fashion Week Favorites’, listing off the top fashion events to attend in April including Spring Swap PHX on April 21st.”

  • A Tailored place blog on Spring Swap PHX by Emily Achondo

    “Changing seasons means changing wardrobes, but purchasing an entirely new set of clothes can get costly. The good news is Spring Swap PHX is your low-cost solution.”

  • Amy’s Vintage Closet blog on Spring Swap PHX by Amy Black:

    “Hey pretty people! Hope you are all having a fantastic week!!!  There are two amazeballs events this weekend that I will be covering that you will not want to miss! You may remember the post I did about The Shine Project’s Beauty Bar Event happening this Saturday night?! I am also volunteering at the Spring Swapevent put on by the fabulous Kelsey Wong, Karla Rasmusson and their CO-OPhx team!! As usual here is my weekly roundup via Instagram…”

  • Arizona State Press Video:Arizona State University students Chloe Bosmeny and Elizabeth Roman have created a Tempe version of a successful Clothing Swap that originally took place only in Phoenix.Working with CO-OPhx founder Kelsey Wong they put on the Clothing Swap on the afternoon of March 3rd.
    The event attracted over 60 people to the house on the edge of ASU campus where the Swap was put on.
    The Clothing Swap is Tempe’s first and is giving birth to a new forum for people from the city’s fashion community to meet up and network.
  • Couture in the Suburbs “Clothing Swap Tempe”:

    Couture in the Suburbs blogger, Lindsay Viker reports on the first ever Tempe Community Clothing Swap. With over 60 attendees and 16 bags of items donated to the International Rescue Committee, it was a super swappin’ success!

    “Sunday was the perfect day with good weather, friends, free food, and a clothing swap. CO-OPhx welcomed us to their Tempe clothing swap, and even let us host our own DIY booth.

    It was our very first time at a swap. It was such a fun and new experience for us. We loved mingling with other fashionistas and sharing our love of blogging with the Tempe community.”

  • Couture in the Suburbs “Spring Clothing Swap Preview” on Swap Tempe:

    Couture in the Suburbs guest blogger, Alec Becwar sits with Lizzy and Chloe, the two girls in charge of this year’s Spring Clothing Swap, to find out what they had to say about their upcoming event. This is Lizzy and Chloe’s first time coordinating a swap for Tempe. The girls are really excited to coordinate the spring Swap and are already mentally-preparing for all the craziness.

  • CBS Channel 5 covers the “Fall Clothing Swap + Clothing Drive”. Here, Co-Directors, Kelsey Wong and Karla Rasmusson share the inspiration for the event including Kelsey Wong’s one year shopping sabbatical.

  • EVB Live on Channel 12 shows an insider scoop into the “Fall Clothing Swap + Clothing Drive” featuring Co-Directors, Kelsey Wong and Karla Rasmusson.

  • CO-OPhx presents the Fall Clothing Swap & Clothing Drive, the third Clothing Swap. This is the story of how Clothing Swap PHX came to be and the SWAP TEAM that make it happen. The Fall Swap brought together 300+ attendees and 1600 lbs of donated and recycled items.

    Video credit: Brandi Porter, Cronkite School of Journalism, Arizona State University 

  • CO-OPhx presents the Spring Swamp, a backyard boutique style clothing exchange event.

    Video credit: Alonso Parra from Lamp Left Media

  • CO-OPhx presents the very first Clothing Swap CO-OPhx, set up backyard boutique style by Jake Michael, Kelsey Wong and friends. 35 attendees came together to enjoy an afternoon of swapping, mixing and mingling.

    Video credit: Gitzel Puente and Rudy Marquez 

  • Chicks Who Give a Hoot blog on Fall Swap Phoenix:

    “Last week I got wind of a clothing swap happening in Phoenix. I love going to community building events like this, meeting new people and the idea of the swap is genius.

    This event was put on by CO-OPhx. They started in February 2012 with the first Clothing Swap CO-OP. As a self-prophesied recovering shopaholic, Kelsey Wong, Creative Director and Founder was inspired by her yearlong shopping sabbatical. It was during this time that her interest in repurposing under-utilized and forgotten-about clothing sparked…”

  • Style Tutor blog on the first Clothing Swap Phoenix:

    “While putting our chic geek skills to the test at WordCamp Phx last weekend, Jennifer and I had the good fortune of meeting fellow Phoenician Kelsey Wong, who was finalizing the details for her first Clothing Swap Co-OPhx. She explained to us the simple but pretty brilliant concept: each swapper brings a bag of swag (clothing, shoes, accessories) to share and leaves with a bag of entirely new (to them) swag. Anything not swapped would be donated to a local charity.”

  • Adrian Loves Owls blog on Fall Swap Phoenix:

    “The clothing swap was a super successful event. There was around 250 people who showed up to participate! Plus, there was about 1600 lbs of clothing that was donated for the clothing drive. It was really great to learn how all of this works exactly. I was super impressed with how well organized it all was.”

  • Frances & Smeeks blog on Fall Swap Phoenix:

    Frances, charming and local AZ boutique hosted the 3rd Clothing Swap in their plaza. Sara Matlin, the store’s manager helped coordinate with Kelsey Wong founder of CO-OPhx to put together a spectacular event with 300+ people benefiting Fresh Start Women’s Foundation.

  • Style Tutor blog on Summer Swap Phoenix:

    “Style Tutor has been a big fan of the Clothing Swap hosted by the CO-OPhx ever since we first met its brainchild, Kelsey Wong, at WordCamp Phx earlier this year. We love participating in this event, where people bring their lovingly used clothing to swap with others, because it combines all of our favorite things: fashion (obviously!), community, a social and festive atmosphere and philanthropy. The CO-OPhx Swap team has been working overtime with the fall swap, which will be held this Sunday, October 28, from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. at Frances Vintage (10 W. Camelback), to make this event bigger and better than ever. A variety of local collaborators — including us! — will be on hand with giveaways and fun DIYs, and several food truck vendors like Short Leash Hot DogsMamma Toledo’s Pies and Shine Coffee will be there to keep all the swappers well nourished. And the best part is that all unswapped items will go to the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, a comprehensive self-help center whose mission is to empower women and help them improve their lives.”

  • Downtown Devil’s “A Tailored Place” blog on Fall Swap Phoenix:

    “I think it’s just great to be able to make it so the things we have can be exchanged for other people’s things because we have limited resources so why make waste?” Refuerzo said. “And it’s always nice not to spend money.”

    In addition to swapping, attendees could make headscarves, decorate shorts, cut up shirts, make bracelets and necklaces.”

  • Carbon Magazine blog on Fall Swap Phoenix:

    Carbon prides itself on its effort to showcase independent artists and young writers (generally students) who are interested in the fashion journalism industry through offering year-round internships and opportunities for submissions.

    “You’re invited to the 2012 fall clothing swap hosted by CO-OPhx! Carbon has had the honor of being involved in the first two clothing swaps by CO-OPhx and we’re absolutely delighted to be a part of this next one. This swap will be their biggest event yet with food trucks, DIY booths, giveaways and live music.”

  • Style Tutors blog on Fall Swap Phoenix:

    “To say Sunday’s Fall Clothing Swap, sponsored by CO-OPhx, was a big success would be an understatement. Jennifer and I have been so impressed with the way the Swap team has worked so hard since the first swap a mere three seasons ago to put on an event that combines community, conscientious consumerism and clothing. But the team is really hitting their stride, as evidenced with the turnout on Sunday. Through their vision and ambition, Kelsey, Karla and the team have transformed an event that started in Kelsey’s backyard to a true community event combining the creative talents of several local food truck vendors, small business owners and entrepreneurs.”

  • Simply Audree Kate blog on Swap Tempe:

    “This past Sunday, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the first annual SWAP Tempe. If you haven’t heard of  the clothing swaps that have been happening in the Phoenix area the past couple years- you are missing out! Fellow colleague and fashionista, Chloe Bosmeny hosted the clothing swap at her house and over 60 people attended that day to shop, win raffles and participate in the DIY booths hosted by yours truly and Lindsay Vikar from Couture in the Suburbs (If you haven’t seen her blog, go check it out- It’s adorable!).”