Swap Your Story


Ever picked up a vintage or resale item and wondered where it came from? Who used it before you and what amazing memories did they have wearing it?

At CO-OPhx we believe, that every item as a story to tell. Clothing Swap is about more than receiving new-to-you treasures, that’s just the beginning.

The major purpose of the swap is about meeting people in a unique and meaningful way.

At the Fall Swap, every person will have the opportunity to share your story of your clothing through an activity called Swap Your Story. You will be given a tag for two  items that you bring to the swap.

On the tag, you will write your name and a memory you have of that item. After the swap, you will be able to meet the person whom you are exchanging with to swap stories.

This activity is a great opportunity to branch out and meet new people who share the same interests and style, so be sure to take advantage of “Swap Your Story”.


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